Changing Places

There are over 1000 changing places toilets in the UK

They offer the facilities of a normal accessible toilet but also have extra space, an adult changing bench and a hoist (but no sling), which are essential for people who cannot reasonably use standard accessible toilets.

When The Changing Places Campaign was launched in 2006, the minimum space was 7m². This has now been updated to 12m².

Some toilets which don't meet the full specification are registered as Changing Places 'U' toilets (undersized). Other public toilet facilities exist and are included on our database, such as 'Space to Change' toilets, if they include at least all the features of a Changing Places 'U' toilet.

Changing places normally use a Radar key. Some may be unlocked and some may need to be unlocked especially for you. They are not always available for those users who can use a standard accessible toilet.

Our free phone apps allow you to search by postcode or town and also to find the nearest Changing Places toilets. More info


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